Our 6 Pinterest tips to drive traffic to your website


If you are a business with a constant stream of new images Pinterest could be a very powerful marketing tool for you to drive traffic to your website. Below we have outlined the 6 tips to get your Pinterest account set up and ready to amplify the amount of traffic coming to your website.

For some context, we started taking Pinterest seriously in June 2017 for our other business LOVE FIND CO. Today, 85% of our Social traffic comes from Pinterest and our average monthly views is 2.3 million.

1. Set up your profile properly

Let’s start at the very beginning. If you want to use Pinterest to grow your business you have to set up your account properly. This includes:

  • Converting to a business profile

  • Claiming your website

  • Apply for Rich Pins

2. Don’t neglect board category & descriptions

Board descriptions allow your content to be found when people search Pinterest, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to be found by forgetting to add in a board description. You want to ensure that your description find a balance between sentences that appeal to viewers and adding in some keywords for SEO that will help the Pinterest algorithm understand what your board is all about.

3. Your Bio

Just like your Instagram Bio, your Pinterest Bio should include some main points including:

  • Who You Are

  • What You Do

  • Who You Do It For

  • A Call To Action

4. Consider your Pin description

Think of Pinterest as Google but for images. In order for your pins to be seen you need to accompany your pins with meaningful descriptions optimised with appropriate keywords so that they can be picked up in search result for those keywords. Pro Tip! Hop onto Pinterest and start tying in some keywords relevant to your business. The search menu will drop down about 5 variations of the keyword which you can use as a guide when creating your pins. Once you click on one of the search options. A number of additional keywords will sit below the search bar, and above the image results. You can also use these keywords as when researching what keywords will be of most benefit to your business.

5. Leverage quantity, not not at the expense of quality

Don’t just pin for the sake of pinning. Make sure what you are pinning will resonate with your audience. If you are a business that is image heavy, Pinterest will work wonders driving traffic to your website. Ideally you need to pin 10 - 30 times per day to see results. Just make sure it is quality content!

6. Use Tailwind

Seriously, the Tailwind Scheduling App makes it so easy and efficient to schedule content in one sitting to roll out over a week or months. Once you have created your account you can set up a schedule based on how many pins you want to post per day, then you can start scheduling pins! As a busy business owner you know that batching tasks is a really efficient way to time manage. Pro Tip! Download the Tailwind extension onto Google Chrome so you can easily pin images from your website.

Our 6 Pinterest Tips to drive traffic to your website | ENGAGED CREATIVE